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Pia Lindman Reporting from Nuuk, Marraq, and Ilulissat in Greenland with Contributions by Saara Mahbouba, Valeria Nekhaeva, and Mirka Sulander

Videos from Marraq      Marraq 1 Marraq 2 Marraq 3 Marraq, a peninsula 100km South West of Nuuk, is the location of a former US military base (West Bluie 4) that was shut down in 1948. Amongst delapidated equipment you can find barrels (jet fuel?), pieces of lead, and asbestos. I also found a pile of metal gravel, the grains of which were of a light grey color with a bluish tint/shine. This, like some tens of other abandoned US military bases in Greenland are slated for clean-up by the Danish and Greenlandic governments. This clean-up work has recently been allocated 300 M Danish Crowns. Ilulissat is located next to Kangia fjord (Unesco site). Sermeq Kujalleq glacier calves icebergs into the fjord and with its pace of 20 meters per day, it is one of the most active calving glaciers in the world. In the first video (Ilulissat 1) you will hear the sound of calving at 00min 31s, 01min 04s and again at 04min 14s and 04min 26s. (source:  The Guardian 08.12.15) Videos from Il


Chill Survive opened a new website in November 2020 offering art, poems, interviews, and essays. Kuusamo workshops were transformed for online participation in December 2020, and you can check them out below (scroll, scroll, and scroll further down...): From Reindeer Poo-to-Paper by Chan'nel Vestergaard and Littlepink Maker Gravitational Shift by Marie Kølbæk Iversen and Katinka Fogh Vindelev Singing to the Virus by Pia Lindman Pandora's Box by Rozan van Klaveren All workshops are realised in colaboration and with the support of Kuusamo city and and Ulla Ingalsuo-Laaksonen. Thank you! Workshop details  and documentation below: From Reindeer Poo-to-Paper Chan'nel Vestergaard and Littlepink Maker This workshop gives you the protocols of how to make paper out of reindeer poo. The digestion system of a reindeer is so effective that its poo contains nothing more than fibers - and some microbes. This is why this material is well suited for paper-making. Let us up the up-cycl

Lauri Linna Family Heritage PART2

Korva and many versions of the last name are quite common in Lapland and many have the name because of their house/farm was called Korva. Korva means “an ear”. It also has other meanings. E.g. you could say that you live by the river -“asun joen korvalla”.  Or you can say “tavataan siinä 12.00 korvalla” = “Let’s meet around 12.00”. It is difficult to translate Finnish sometimes. At this point of my research I haven’t got any hard evidence of my family’s connections to other Korva families in Lapland. But there are interesting connections in Kuusamo still to talk about. I continued to research the name more. At first, I was finding more Finnish settlers coming and taking land. But then I stumbled upon another family: The Pitkä family. The family originates from a kind of a tribal chief or the elder of the tribe (again a bad translation of lappalaislautamies) of the Kitka siida, Marttinin Antti, who lived approx. 1624-1693. The family summer camps were in the Ala-Kitka ar